You are alone and that’s a good thing!

Does it make you uncomfortable thinking about being alone? What do you mean you are alone?

Have you ever imagined yourself in a dark room or in a forest? It is scary when there is no one to guide you. Being in a place where you can’t see anything, or where you can’t see yourself, can be frustrating. It doesn’t matter where you go. The thought is so crazy that you are overwhelmed thinking about it.

Have you ever imagined yourself in the middle of a lush forest on a sunny and windy day? It’s easier without any commitments or limitations. There must be real relief and joy in living in such conditions.

If you imagine yourself in the above situation you probably have an idea of ​​’loneliness’, I don’t blame you for that. We have not taken into account the concept of social harmony, and loneliness means drowning in an endless sea with no one to love you. A lot of Hollywood and Bollywood movies teach us that we need love and kindness to complete us, which is not wrong, but some intricate details are also missing.

when we talk about loneliness our minds immediately think of physical loneliness. because there is no one around us You can imagine that you are trapped in a dark room. We can’t blame the brain either. We try to stay social and seek approval from others. This also creates fear of judgement and leaves a mark on our minds.

This fear doesn’t exactly makes any sense. It’s hard to “die alone” in a country where millions of people think like you. There is always someone with you who can help you or talk to you.

This is not the unit he said. I was talking about different types of loneliness. mental loneliness I am talking about who you are and the stages in your life that you are changing. When you learn the importance of being true to yourself. You will know how wonderful it is. The second most important position is the light you need to know where life is going and where you are.

Being alone is a liberating experience for everyone because it doesn’t affect anyone else. There are all the dimensions you can enter and wings you can spread.

Don’t depend on others, you are alone in your life:

We often worry that we are too optimistic about our goals and relationships. You must fully understand your needs and behaviors. Honesty means you know what you are getting yourself into. The biggest obstacle is when we come to realize it. We know that everyone is different, has unique needs that need to be met, and we all play tricks on our own. It’s not bad at all. You are rude and so am I. That doesn’t mean you can’t live in society. Don’t expect others to follow your lead and make your own decisions. Take care of yourself and take care of your needs. Nobody can do it better.

If you are unhappy, change your life story, you are the only hero of the story:

You often complain about difficult situations, but it’s really hard to get something out of it and your life is like a fairy tale. And you are the creator, you have a pen and a sketch. If you don’t like it, change it. Nothing stops you from doing other than excuses. We connect with many people around us. We often try to imitate them with our judgments. Don’t be the protagonist of your own story. Others just play, you are a hero trying to save the world, you are yourself. get down

Find yourself and discover your true self:

None of us can come here. We all have a realistic view of who we want to be. You have built up a false personality and we are afraid to see the truth. Because it hurts our ego. By discontinuing virtual reality, we are proud to be alone, you must first accept yourself and that starts with acceptance. There are many ways to do this, including telling the truth. Or why-why analysis to solve the toughest problems. Be the guardian of your problems and your happiness.

On this journey of life you are alone. It’s time to accept it. Don’t be afraid to touch yourself, let others play with you and travel thousands of miles before falling asleep.

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