What if you hit your head and could suddenly speak to animals

Wouldn’t it be kind of like a super power to be able to talk to animals? Imagine you were walking down the street and all of a sudden you tripped and hit your head on the ground and fainted. When you finally woke up, you start to hear a nearby cat talking to another cat, “Look at this silly guy. He fell on the ground all by himself and now he is waking up. Good thing he can’t understand us. Right?” and the other cat says, “Yeah, he can’t”. You are tempted to jump in the conversation by telling them that you do understand what they were saying.

Talking to animals kind of ability can be very useful. For example, if there is a theft, you can ask the animals about the thief. You can ask the animals about the secrets of many people who would never suspect it. You can hang out with the animals and make friends with them. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true? Right?

We don’t agree that talking to animals can be a blessing rather a curse. As you all know, we slaughter many animals and eat them. Every time you eat chicken wings or a burger, you will start to wonder about the feelings of the animal being eaten. Whenever you visit a farm, you will see the animals that would soon be slaughtered. You will feel traumatic talking to them.

When you start making friends, you will soon learn that not all animals have a very long life span, so, your animal friends would start to die. You will fear making an animal friend because of this.

As soon as your secret comes out that you can talk to animals, you will be picked up by force by the secret service and will be brought in to a remote island where scientists will treat you as a lab rat to figure out how you have gotten that kind of ability to talk to animals and figure out a way to make that super power their own. Since, it is purely magical, they would never be able to figure it out and you will stay in a prison of experimentation forever. Even if they do let you out, they would want you to talk to animals for their gains.

So you see. Everything is already for the better. Talking to animals ability may seem lucrative but it has its drawbacks. Please share your own view in comments below.

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  1. I don’t want to talk to all animals. I just want to be able to talk to my dog. He’s my best friend. Even though we can’t understand each other in that way, we do have a bond and a connection.

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