What If We No Longer Needed Sleep

Our planet is sleep deprived, over the past 100 years, people have slept an average of 9 hours a night. Today, more than half of the world’s population sleeps less than seven hours. And we live in an age of constant stimulation. What you can expect is to lose some gold. So why don’t you worry about sleeping? Can we wake up and live? Yes, what if you don’t need it anymore?

Your heart, lungs, brain, and metabolism need adequate sleep to function properly. Lack of sleep increases the risk of high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, obesity and heart disease. and infection, but in 1965 a 16-year-old boy stayed awake for 11 days with no lasting side effects. In 2007, researchers tested the new drug in mammals with fewer side effects. A bigger question than lack of sleep and increased cognitive performance is, are we not getting enough sleep? Each person spends about a third of his time sleeping on average. In a world that no longer needs sleep. An eight-hour game is no longer a gathering of family and friends. You want to learn a new skill. Develop a new hobby or unleash your creativity? Not everyone thinks they are busy. The longer you stay awake, the more money you spend. And you need less money. For example, your grocery bill can easily double. If a person eats an average of 3 meals in 12 hours, they may need twice as much food to get enough energy for 24 hours. Also, eating and drinking increases fuel consumption. People just don’t drive more. But also turn on more lights because everyone is always awake. The workaholics among us will certainly spend more time at the office and earn more money. As more people work overtime. Not to mention those who have tried, increased stress levels and lack of sleep will undoubtedly become a major concern. It’s a 24-hour farmer’s restaurant, yes, everyone wants to eat more. Not just because they eat more. But why do they work more?

I work more but it is even more productive, as a result the population is increasing. There will be more goalkeepers and they will need training. Rescue teams work in small groups to deliver messages and try to save desperate citizens for this special day. We may be able to accelerate progress and find cures for some of the world’s most devastating diseases. Keeping pace with new discoveries further develops the world’s inquisitive minds to develop new technologies. You will have more time to develop and research your product. We could reach Mars sooner than expected. Am I wasting too much time?

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  1. What a world would it be. Right? I can imagine that. I enjoyed reading this article very much. Keep writing. Keep smiling.

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