What if everyone stopped lying and started being honest

Can you imagine a world where everyone is honest with each other? No one would be able to hide their feelings from each other. Let’s see how world would be like if all of a sudden everybody started telling the truth.

Lying or not being honest is no doubt a bad thing. But, sometimes lying is for the better. For example, when someone you care about asks you how they look in a particular dress or shoes or anything, you wouldn’t want to say that you look awful or fat or anything, right? If you be honest at that particular moment, you might hurt their feelings. Or, if you are out working all day and had a very long shift and you skipped your meal. Your mother calls you and asks you if you had eaten anything. If you tell her the truth that you had been skipping the meal all day, it would just worry her. So, you would want to lie in situations like these for the better. In other cases, when your boss asks you something and asks for an honest opinion, you would want to lie because you don’t want to upset your boss. Because, if you do, you might lose the opportunity for a promotion or bonuses or other benefits.

Some good stuff would definitely come out of the world not able to lie at all. For example, when you are shopping for a car. The car dealer is unable to lie to you for the features. When you are moving into a new apartment, the real estate agent would be forced to tell you about everything honestly, for example insect or rat infestation, loud noises etc.

There won’t be any secrets left in the world. Either personal or corporate. For example, people would really be scared of cheating in a relationship. They won’t cheat because they would have to be honest about it.

Kids would do their homework and study for the test because of the fear of the humiliation of being honest about it. There won’t be any cheating in exams.

Criminals would be discouraged of their activities because they might have to be honest about their activities and will easily get caught.

TV Commercials would be honest and accurate and there won’t be any business tactics involved in order to sell a product. All the billboards and ads will be honest. Bad products and services would be eliminated completely.

There won’t be any corruption or bribery as they won’t be able to hide it. Everything would be transparent and smooth.

This is how the world would be if there were no lying anymore. Please let us know what you think about it in the comments. We would love to hear them.

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  1. Lying is bad. It should get eliminated magically from this world somehow. Especially when you are shopping for a car. Well said.

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