What if no one aged beyond 30 years of age

What would happen if people stopped aging after 30. We are talking about how they look not the life span or how they feel. Imagine a world where everyone either elderly or young would look 30 years old. What would be different from what is now?

First of all, it would be hard to distinguish of course who would be young or old. This could be beneficial for some people and some people may face disadvantages of looking like a 30 year old. The jobs like modeling, acting or the brand ambassador jobs where a fresh young candidate is required would benefit from it. People working in those kinds of fields would be able to serve a longer tenure as they would keep looking young. You would be able to enjoy movies of your favorite actor or actorness for a long period of time since they won’t look old. In the media and film industry, the parent or a grand parent role could easily be done by any young actor.

Females would be the happiest as they would be able to hide their age for real and there would be no way of telling how old they actually would be. The mothers, the daughters, the grand daughters would all look the same. Old folks would be able to mingle into the young ones and enjoy youth all over again just by faking their real age. People would hide their Age more seriously than their social security number or ID card number.

You wouldn’t have to give your seat to some elderly anymore in a bus since there is no telling who the elderly is and who isn’t. Of course the elderly would have to stand in the bus since nobody would actually believe that they are old since they cannot prove it.

People would tend to stop keeping track of their old age and as a result would probably keep forgetting their actual age. When they do remember, they might go through a serious mid life crisis. In relationships, the age fraud would be as serious as infidelity. People faking their real age even 4 to 5 years up or down could result in break up of serious relationships. Respecting the elders would not exist as there would not be any elders to respect. Some people might even celebrate their 30th birthday several times.

A 30 year old person’s teeth fallen off would look weird. Right? Of course, this concept is weird as a whole. What else do you think would happen. Be sure to leave a comment and your views. Looking forward to reading them.

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