Traits of True Friend

A friend is someone/ a guy who stands up for you when you are highly in need. He or she makes your life worth living. He or she knows you well unlike others and mostly not from your family. 

You not only share your life experiences but also the time and enjoyment of the company.

There are a lot of characteristics or traits of a true or good friend. Some of them are:

  1. Your true friend will stay with you in your life ups and downs (Real Life experiences)
  2. He or she not only supports you but also gives a real picture of the situation.
  3. A true friend is normally a good listener or at least at that time  when you need someone to tell to, or your rants in life.
  4. He or she is trustworthy and also your secret keeper.
  5. Sometimes you need encouragement and moral support to accomplish a task or goal and your true friend is there to do so.
  6. A real true friend is the one who accepts both your true and best aspects and the flaws unconditionally.
  7. Your personality aspects or interests may differ but there are few things which are common in you and your true friend.
  8. They are normally very loyal to you at all times and normally don’t betray you.
  9. A True friend is honest and always speaks from his heart and  with very good intentions.
  10. You can always rely on your true friend as he or she keeps his/ her promises all the time.
  11. You always feel safe and comfortable while spending time with him or her.
  12. A true friend is normally not judgemental all the time in every aspect of real life.
  13. Your true and good friend will always respect your boundaries. 
  14. He or she will not bully or belittle you and normally don’t abandon you
  15. One of my teachers said while defining a true friend that he or she can give you a good laugh.
  16. You may have very tough and valiant conversations with your true friend but don’t expect dishonesty or betrayal.
  17. Caring each other will drive longer the true friendship
  18. A true friendship creates an amazing bond which is normally not affected by distances, less meetings or anything else.
  19. Meeting a true friend is your recreation and enjoyment of life.
  20. You always enjoy hugging and shaking hands with your true friend and you are genuinely happy for it.

Your True friend is much ahead and better than everyone, even from your family.

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