The key to Confidence

Self Confidence is the basic strength in your way to success and it is right there with you, all the time. It’s you when you show it by :


  • Feeling of well being
  • Acceptance of your body and mind (In other words, Self Esteem)
  • Belief in your own ability, skills and experience
  • Knowledge


Self confidence is not a natural or born ability, you can have or show it when required. It is a learnable skill. Confidence is built on choices and accomplishments that make you feel happy and proud of who you are.


You must know your strengths and weaknesses in your personality and style.


Now how a common individual can increase his/ her self confidence and what are the key steps to boost it up, is the main discussion here.


  • Try to achieve your short term and long term goals in a real life situation as this achievement increases your confidence like hell. Further, focus on solutions and not much on problems.
  • Monitoring is also a key step. You have to break down the bigger goals into short one and try to monitor your progress, keenly on every step.
  • Take the right decisions at the right time and don’t ever compromise your integrity. Remember our actions and decisions define our character.
  • Dress nicely and exercise regularly to make your body in good shape or in other words stay active all the time.
  • Fearing failure cripples. Putting fear to the side and keep going is the right decision.
  • Take right decisions when needed and stand with them firmly. Remember you are going to accomplish them soon. A confident person is a big risk taker.
  • Follow up actions of yours and others around you and make changes in your plan when required.
  • Big goals require sacrifices and at times it is tedious and frustrating and makes life significantly harder but be optimistic in your approach to deal with such situations.
  • Be ready and for certain tasks, prepare well ahead of time.
  • Don’t care about others who are negative, but do the right thing always as it pays off.



When you think you can do it than Rest assured that

You can do it.


Always do all those things, which make you happy.


When you are in a confusion, self-talk alone will help to raise your confidence. Take promise from yourself for any given task and you will achieve it.

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