Should you Invite a Homeless Person into your Home

We should not invite a homeless person inside our home, this could be dangerous.

Looking at a homeless person is quite heartbreaking and he or she could be anyone.The homeless persons are those who  had just given up almost everything from this world. But they are also human beings who are going through hard times.

But we should do the following whenever we see these persons:

  • A Smile would be best, do not ignore them at all.
  • Always go to them with a bottle of water and offer them first as dehydration is a common problem among them.
  • We should offer them some help money or food or clothing if we can.
  • Get to know if you have time but by taking protective precautions.
  • Treat them kindly and honor them.
  • We should call or contact the responsible organization to help him
  • Most homeless persons have teeth problems, offer medical help or medicine if you have any.

There are few things, you should not do or care to homeless persons:

  • Try not to give them money but arrange the item he desires to get with the money
  • Never tell them your own address or take them to your home unless you have full confidence or trust or you know that person from earlier times.
  • Try not to go near them alone, go in groups for your own safety
  • Try not to open your wallet or purse in front of a homeless

It is very hard to witness the sufferings of these homeless persons after all they are also human beings like us, although they have thrown away everything. They encounter many problems like hot and cold weather, rain, fog, snow, diseases, sickness, hunger etc. it is very difficult to think from their perspective even for a second. You can walk away easily but this is a cruelty for some and best for others. 

Remember while dealing these homeless persons that there are two very familiar quotes

“Always trust your instincts”

“Small acts of kindness can have tremendous effects in the life of others”

Help the homeless if you can.

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