Abida Z Shireen is one of the top Urdu Novel Writers in Pakistan. She has gained fame among the people globally who love to read good Urdu stories and novels online. Her writing includes thrillers, drama, suspense, romance, family relationships and much more.. She has not only written best seller novels but has also written various poems.

Here at Abida Z Shireen’s world, you will find the best Urdu novels. You can read full novels online. As soon as you start reading, you will be glued to it and will crave more and more. You will enter into a new universe from which you wouldn’t want to come back. We guarantee that you will lose your stress and depression and will surely have a wonderful time. Each and every Urdu novel has a new story and a new twist. Say goodbye to boredom forever.

Reading Urdu novels online is a great way to spend your leisure time. It flourishes your mood and gives you good dreams. The curiosity of what would happen next gives you a strange pleasure. We encourage you to read all the novels and also share them with your friends and family and have a chit chat discussion about them with each other.

Abida Z Shireen is an urdu novel writer, article writer and a poet. She has written several novels that have gained popularity and recognition from people across the globe. Her fan-base is not just limited to women. Men who never even used to read anything have started reading her novels regularly. Abida Z Shireen is a house wife having 3 children and 4 grand children. She loves to write novels, poems, articles and a lot of other stuff in her spare time. Her stories have inspired thousands of people. The best part of her work is that once you start reading, you are unable to stop yourself.


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