How video games and mobile phone games can be good thing for kids

There are a lot of benefits for kids, Playing video games. These are a powerful tool to help in improving and strengthening their cognitive skills.


In video games, quick thinking, making fast analysis and taking decisions on time improves the brain capability of your kids overall.


Below is the summary of benefits of kids playing video games:


  • Playing video games can increase your brain’s gray matter (processing information and action, reaction stimuli generation of every individual), or in other words, learning and development skills are improved.
  • The kids who play video games are not found lazy in daily activities (proven in studies).
  • After playing so many video games, their problem solving skills have quite improved (brain development)
  • When they play, they think and by this way their capacity to think is also improved a lot due to increased brain speed.
  • They take a lot of decisions in playing video games and slowly and gradually their decision making skill is enhanced at some occasions drastically.
  • The mood of the child becomes pleasant and it promotes relaxation and also one of the factors in reduction of anxiety.
  • The children learn the failure and successes in games and this will impact positively in their daily life activities.
  • Playing online normally connects him with other kids having the same interests and this also reduces stress.
  • The capability of making friends is also improved a lot by these kids who play video games.
  • Participation in any context or competition is quite low in real life activities but kids who play video games can enjoy it every time when they play.
  • One of the biggest advantages of kids playing video games is that their leadership qualities are enhanced and can be visible in early ages.
  • Creativity of these kids has also increased incredibilly.
  • The ability to concentrate or focus on certain points is also increased and kids become quite sharp and wise in nature.
  • After making so many mistakes in video games, making mistakes in real life is quite reduced by these kids.


Playing together, limiting screen time or knowing what their kids are playing, help the parents or guardian to set the boundaries with them.


Role playing, Strategic and simple games do not actually produce violence in their behavior but provide a positive role in their body and mind growth.


Drawbacks of playing video games for kids


  • A lot of time is wasted in playing video games
  • Your child may become aggressive or violent in nature but this is not the only reason for his aggression.
  • Playing video game addiction is one of the problems of kids.
  • Irritability or hallucinations is another problem of these kids.
  • Overweight and general body pain is experienced by these kids in long term sitting and playing video games.


But research (available on net) and studies show that these above problems can be resolved by either limiting or suspending video game play.


We should set limits for kids who play the video games, is enough sleep, exercise, school work, house chores etc.

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