How to spot self centered and self absorbed people

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The self absorbed or self centered persons are someone who are only concerned about themselves and remember everyone is self centered to a degree.

 Normally, self centered persons do not respond properly to any efforts to have a good relationship. Further they do not follow the rules or any given guidelines. They have little to no consideration for others and most of the time, they are unable to see other’s perspectives.


You can find these people around you and following are typical signs of self centered people:


  • The self centered person always talks about themselves and their accomplishments or success stories, whenever you meet them. 
  • He or she is someone who always calls the shorts. They are highly sure of their views and don’t compromise on opinions.
  • They have monopolized or one sided conversations and impose their decisions at once.
  • They don’t care about friendship and manipulate people to achieve their goals. That is who they are and always called:

“Takers, not Givers”

  • Your time, efforts and energy to build a good relation, goes waste as they don’t care for any relationships with anyone.
  • They normally mask their selfishness beautifully.
  • Most of the time they don’t care for any other’s perspective for a given scenario. They disregard others’ views.
  • They are careless, arrogant and frequently break the rules.
  • They do not consider and care for others’ needs, desires etc whether others like it or not. They always see the world from their point of view.
  • As they want things done as per their way so they show a controlling attitude.
  • The big problem is that these people do not respond to any feedback given to them about their behavior or else.


Now the important question is how to deal with them. Following are some tips:


  • Set boundaries with them as what is done and what is not done with them.
  • If you can’t leave him or her (family member or coworker) then Find some ways to coop with them.
  • Do not expect them to change, instead try to explore yourself, how you can fit with them.
  • Continue to show your concerns but without adding any resentments.
  • Don’t hurt yourself by continually attaching with them and cut them off when you are off limits.


You are definitely not responsible for these types of people’s behavior. Control your actions and seek professional help while facing difficult situations. 


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