How to Spot detect Dishonesty?

All the human beings of this world have a tendency and ability to tell lies in their communications.


Not exactly but there are some studies available on the net that show that there are only 5% of the people who are honest and don’t tell lies except at very few occasions or it is in their past, but all others are doing it consciously or unconsciously on a daily basis (The number of lies per day, per week, per month or per year depends on every individual).


It is important to know that communication means bodily movements (Gestures), facial expressions, tone of voice and content of speech as a whole.


Dishonesty and telling lies are always tied together. We should be very very cautious of a friend or any person who is a habitual liar or fraud.


It is also important to note that when we listen (judge immediately) or have red flags when someone is:

  • Being vague in telling or give very few details of the situation or incident
  • Repeat questions more than once before giving any answer
  • Speak in fragments in most of his sentences or irregular speech
  • An unusual rise or fall in vocal tone is also important
  • Not saying enough or saying too much with fake smiling
  • When asked, fails to give very specific details
  • (Most important) Grooming behaviors or non congruent gestures, such as touching the hair or face or pressing his finger or ignore eye contact or continuously moving eyes


Body cues are very important in any conversation. Above are points when someone tries to tell lies but there are many who are very confident liars and it is very difficult to judge them in the first few meetings.

It is said and quoted a lot

“When somebody is dishonest with you, he or she tends to face their palms away from you.”

They may put their palms/ hands in their pockets etc or even slide them under the table.


Another important clue to determine when somebody is dishonest or lying is that he or she might stare or look away even at very crucial moments. He might excessively blink or squint with a hard swallow


Excessive sweating and white face is another clue to catch up with these types of people.


A lot of “uh” or “um” is also an alarm for a liar. It looks like they are trying to buy time to figure out what they say next.


It is very difficult to catch the confident or habitual liar but with frequent meetings and sharing life experiences or going on long drives with someone you will be able to identify him or her, it is said by elders.


So it is very important that when you are in conversation with anyone (family, friends or anyone else), along with the content of speech (Words / Sentences), be conscious of Body gestures and facial expressions with voice tone.


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