How to Develop a Habit, Busting traditional Habit Development Myths

In daily life, we do a routine or a regular practice of a lot of jobs or works, but around 40% are our habits, which we do regularly and on a daily basis. Remember the habits and routines are not interchangeable.


People make their new habits in their own time and while having their own reasons for that.


This is a myth that we adopt new habits in 21 days. This is not true as every individual is unique in this world and it is not necessary that it implies to all with the same results.


Developing a habit (a regular tendency or practice) means, change in your personality. It is possible but needs a lot of courage, serious efforts, an attitude to do so and of course fear of death etc. It may take a second or years, depending upon every individual.


There are many habits formed instantly and remain endured for the rest of your lives like touching a hot stove or any hot material.


Now adopting a new habit is not easy but requires your persistent efforts like:


  • First you have to make a decision or dedicated commitment and own it willingly to wake up early daily or to start an exercise or any other habit you want to adopt for the rest of your life.
  • After taking a decision of developing a habit, don’t make any exceptions or excuses or rationalizations. Be patient and don’t miss it. You have to discipline yourself for it. It must be the ingrained part of your routine.
  • Tell everyone close to you (and others sometimes) about your intention of developing a new habit. It will increase your willpower to do so. 
  • Visualize yourself opting for the new habit and start self education for it. This will help your subconscious or nervous system to adopt it as a routine.
  • Right before you sleep, promise yourself to go for a new habit and affirm it.
  • Practice it again and again so that you adopt it as a routine and feel uncomfortable by not doing so.
  • Reward or appraise yourself for having a change in your life. It will add pleasure and pride in doing so.


Don’t bind yourself to start a new habit for a week or a month. When it will become your regular habit you never know. It is unwise to assign a number to this process of adopting a new habit.


Break the bad habits and go for the good habits.

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