How to Deal With Toxic and Fighter Parents

Every parent of this world wants a very good relationship with his/her sons and daughters and also with those who are close to them. It is your parents that you are walking, talking in this world. Always pay respect to them. You love them but it is not necessary that they keep you happy all the time. So at times they annoy you mostly unwillingly or due to ignorance or they are old timers.
All the parents are friends with their kids in early times and some are strict but as the time passes a lot is changed.
Your parents are human beings and all humans are meant to make mistakes. You have to please them at all costs.
But if, in your view they may be wrong but while dealing with them
Keep cool
Try to build their trust on you
Show them that you care
Always speak with low tone and voice
Create some boundaries but in a humble way
Realize that everyone can make mistakes.
Do something that makes you feel good. (This point is best for always fighting parents)
Go somewhere and clear your mind from home politics.

Before dealing with angry or toxic or fighter parents, try following:
Spend some time somewhere alone. This way you will feel better.
Light exercise or yoga may also help you in relieving.
You may call your close friend to tell.
Before going to your parents, take a few deep breaths to calm you down or another option is count counting two or three times upto 5 or 10.
Meditate to relax your body and mind.
Talk to yourself and calm yourself down
If you had a fight with your parents then write it in your dairy or computer and also write your feelings in it.
Pick a good time for a better conversation with your parents
In the presence of your parents, go mostly in listening mode. It might be hard sometimes but rest assured, it will help.
Your response must be very calm even if your parents may say something unworthy. Control your yelling at this point as yelling each other accomplish nothing but noise and anger,
Go in your parent’s shoes or in other words analyze the situation from your parents point of view.
Check in with your parents so that they must know that you are fine and OK.
To reach a dialogue and understanding, you must make a happy and favorable environment.
You have to accept that you can’t change your parents and avoiding them or anger is not the good solution. As you may need them at every different time of your life.
Don’t realize them strongly or again and again for their mistakes and criticism.

Always remember
Our parents gave birth to us. They bathed us and changed our diapers. They helped us at countless occasions and are done with love from their heart.
We can’t repay them.

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