Flying Cars Are Finally Coming – Airmobile

Wouldn’t it be great if all of our fantasies come to life? Mainly, the flying cars, which we had been fantasizing for decades in movies or books or anywhere where future was to be presumed.

Driving is more fun than driving on the highway. Aside from the absence of speed limits or traffic jams, there is a sense of excitement that comes from the stunning views and the great freedom to reach the top of the mountain.

As a regional taxi operator, upcoming companies offers exciting, efficient and personalized door-to-door transportation, enabling quick and convenient travel between major cities and destinations 250-500 miles away.

Development of a supercar – “Airmobile”. Inspired by the legendary Pegasus, the Aeromobile is an elegant vehicle for comfort on the road and in the air: a flying car.

With industry-leading automotive and aerospace design and engineering, innovative materials, superior performance and superior style, Aeromobiles do what supercars and private jets can’t.

Go from carless to plane, driving to flying in less than 3 minutes.

AeroMobil was founded in 2010 to design, develop and market the world’s first flying vehicle, AeroMobil. Since then, the company has been at the forefront of the emerging personal mobility industry through innovative technology and design, including the development and testing of several generations of flying car prototypes. The company’s latest release, AeroMobil, is the result of more than 350,000 hours of planning, engineering and testing and represents a milestone in realizing people’s dreams of limitless personal mobility.

The Aeromobil team has extensive experience in the design and development of a full range of small aircraft, advanced materials, structural and aerodynamic analysis and simulation. user experience and interior and exterior design.

Patrick is the CEO, Chairman of the Board of Directors and major shareholder of AeroMobil. He is a successful entrepreneur, CEO of a technology company, technology investor and holds degrees in engineering and business from UCL, Cambridge, London School of Economics and New York University.

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