Excess of Everything is bad

One of the first ten world’s most popular and famous proverb is:


  “Excess of everything is bad”


Nothing in this world is good if taken in excessive amounts.

It means that everything we eat, drink or use should be in the correct or adequate (balanced) quantities so that these things do not harm us in any way. It is not only true for materialistic things but also for sentiments like hate, love etc.


Anything we like the most for eating. drinking or feeling but we will not like or even bear it if it is available in abundance to us.

  • The most delicious and nutritious food can be eaten to a limit or it will be turned into a discomfort or disease producing factor to our body.
  • Excess money will lead to a lot of evil deeds.
  • If you exercise too much, it will cause muscle damage.
  • Similarly too much sleep induces laziness and lethargy.
  • Overthinking leads to sleepless nights or eating disorders.
  • Too much love for a child will spoil him.


There are a lot of examples when excess things lead to problems, So enjoy and lead a beautiful life. You need the things in balanced quantities.


All humans, by nature, wish to explore more, eat more, travel more, get more and this is a typical example of our inside greed instinct, which wants to grab everything available at once. An important thing is that we forget to enjoy the small things we already have in possession.


Everybody should try to face their fear demons and also try to learn,  to turn their insecurities into their strengths.

This is an optimistic approach to their problems.


Dissatisfaction with what we have is a common trait of every individual and the people who have a control over it, enjoy a very successful, peaceful and happy life.


So the most important secret of life is:


“Agreeing with what life brings to your plate, and being flexible in all aspects of life”


It is difficult, not impossible, but is a key to success. It doesn’t mean you leave your goal or objective or leave your efforts to success but a balance in all the aspects.


Everybody on this earth has good and bad days in his span of life. The cowards and failed people always hide behind their failed attempts/ efforts and use abusive behavior and mostly adopt destructive habits like drinking, drugs etc.


So excess of everything will bring more harm than any good.

Excess of anything (More than required) is poison and it’s unhealthy and may cause difficulties in life.


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